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Scottish archaeology - 16th century buildings revealed in Cowgate

09 August 2012

Scottish archaeology - 16th century buildings revealed in Cowgate

Archaeologists working at Edinburgh's Cowgate have revealed the final remains of a group of 16th century buildings.

Archaeologists working at Edinburgh's Cowgate have revealed the final remains of a range of 16th-century buildings. The last phase of excavation of the site being developed by SoCo, which was damaged by fire in 2002, has revealed the street frontages of the 16th century buildings previously discovered.


Among the finds were pottery, a bone comb and the possible fragment of a gaming board, as well as a complex of stone-lined drains, which experts believe may indicate the area once had problems with drainage.


Councillor Richard Lewis, Convenor of the Culture and Leisure Committee, said: 'This is a significant find as it completes the picture of artefacts and structures archaeologists hoped to find on the site. The dig is in the final phase and so this is the last chance for us to discover the secrets that lie in this historic area of the city. Everyone involved in the project is delighted that the site continues to provide important insights into this little researched area of Edinburgh's Old Town.'


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